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Harga : Rp. 1.690.000
Berat Kirim : 7 Kg
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Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter, Ideal Choice for both Home and Office !

Electronic Typewriter with 12.87" of paper capacity. Professional touch keyboard, Designed to increase accuracy and typing speed, View mode allows you to see what you've typed by automatically moving the paper roll up, Automatic paper insertion to perfectly insert each page to a uniform 1" top margin, Automatic centering, underlining, bold printing & right margin flush, Automatic 'Word-Out' correction system erases a word with the touch of a key

Why a Typewriter ?
Many People need to Produce Professionally Typed Documents and Spreadsheets, but don't want the Cost and Complexity of a PC. In such instances, a Typewriter is the Perfect Solution to Cater to Their Unique Needs.

The Cost Effective Choice.
Brother Typewriters are Perfect for Small to Corporate Size Businesses, Students or Home Users or Those looking for the Cost Effective but Professional Way of Presenting Their Documents. Get special price from !

With its Robust and Elegant Styling the Brother GX6750 is especially designed for the Student, Home User or Small business and being Compact and Portable it can be easily stored after use. Don't take our word for it - simply acquaint yourself with the familiar QWERTY keyboard and with a touch of the keys see just how easy it is to use. Complete with keyboard cover which doubles as paper support, daisy wheel, ribbon and correction tape.


  • Caps lock key
  • Line Indent
  • Automatic "Word-Out"® Correction System (Erases a single word at the touch of a key)
  • Automatic Paper Insertion
  • Lift-Off Correction Memory
  • View Mode
  • Automatic Underlining, Bold printing and Right Margin Flush
  • Variable 10/12 pitch typing selector
  • Interchangeable Cassette Ribbon System (Makes changing ribbons quick, clean and easy)

More Features

  • Perfectype® professional touch keyboard
  • View mode allows easy viewing of the typing line
  • Automatic carriage return
  • Forward and Reverse indexing
  • Automatic repeat for all characters
  • Interchangeable cassette daisy wheel with various type styles available
  • Self-demo feature automatically demonstrates features and functions
  • Paper Support conveniently doubles as lid-cover
  • Automatic Centering
  • Superscript and Subscript
  • One-touch tab set and clear
  • Half and express backspace
  • Carrying-Grip

Correction System

  • 65-character life-off correction memory
  • Automatic "Word-Out"® correction system
  • Automatic relocation after correction


  • 12.87-inch carriage, 9-inch typing width
  • 10 and 12 pitch typing (Pica and Elite)
  • 12-characters per second typing speed (12 cps)
  • Line spacing : 1, 11/2, 2
  • 96-character Keyboard
  • Original plus 4-copy capacity (carbon copy)
  • Operates on 220 to 240 volt AC
  • Unit Weight : 4.5kgs
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) : 417mm x 384mm x 135mm

Package Contents

  • Main Unit
  • KeyBoard Cover (also as Paper-Supporter)
  • Daisy-Wheel (instaled in unit)
  • Correction tape (instaled in unit)
  • Manual Guide
  • Warranty Card

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* All specifications subject to change without prior notice
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Harga : Rp. 1.690.000
Berat Kirim : 7 Kg